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Discovery and Learning

1. Registration and book fees are due with the application.

2. Book fee includes rental of textbooks, purchase of required workbooks. Non-consumed workbooks must be returned at the end of the school year or additional charges will be assessed based on the cost of the book, at the discretion of the administration.

3. A discount of 10% off tuition is offered to families with two or more enrolled children (preschool - 8th grade) and is applied to the lowest tuition rate.

4. A family cap of $300.00 for registration.

5. A discount of 3% off tuition is offered to families who make payment in full of all fees on or before August 1st.

6. Extracurricular charges are not included in tuition and will be assessed separately.

7. Late fees, interest, NSF fees are changed pursuant to the financial commitment agreement.

8. Tuition is charged for each SEMESTER of attendance (in whole or part) for withdrawals. Portions for late entrance are on a 10-month schedule beginning in August and ending in May.

9. Exceptional Student Education tuition is based on a student's matrix level according to the therapeutic services required.

Annual tuition fee: Please see below for a breakdown.

For security reasons, payments in cash are not accepted.

Payment Method: Monthly payments can be made by EFT (electronic funds transfer) on the 15th of the month, or by check on the 20th of the month.

Tuition & Fees: Academics



Registration Fee for Pre-K-8th $ 300.00 9th-12th $ 300.00

This is per quarter 

Book Fees for Pre-K-2 $200.00 / 3-8th  grade $225.00 9th-12th $250.00


Annual Tuition for Pre-K-5 $7620.00/ 6th-8th grade $8,000.00/ 9th-12th $7660.00

Monthly tuition (11 months) Pre-K-4th grade $563.63/ 5th-8th grade $590.90/ 9th-12th grade $618.18

Monthly tuition (10 months)  Pre-K-5th grade $620.00/ 6th-8th grade $650.00/ 9th-12th grade $680.00

Exceptional Student Education Tuition

Level 1 Pre-K-5 Grade $9166.00 6-8 Grade $9166.00 Grade 9-12 $9163.00

Level 2 Pre-K-5 Grade $10,900.00 6-8 Grade $10,500.00 Grade 9-12 $11,107

Level 3 Pre-K-5 Grade $20,000 6-8 Grade 20,500.00 Grade 9-12 $20,107.00

Level 4 Pre-K-5 Grade $19060.00 6-8 Grade $19060.00 Grade 9-12 $21650.00 

Level 5 Pre-K-5 Grade $25130.00 6-8 Grade $25,130.00 Grade 9-12 $25,130.00


 Private Tutoring   $55.00 per/hr.    

Technology Fee Pre-K-8th  $25.00   

Technology Fee 9th-12th $75.00

Graduation Fee(seniors) $50.00 

 Science Lab Fee   $20.00 

Science Lab Fee(upper school) $50.00

Testing Fee $50.00

Uniform Fee $45.00 and up

Art/ Ceramic Fee   $30.00 

Transportation Fee $80.00 and up

Tuition & Fees: Video
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